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The mission of AU is to provide exemplary quality higher education worldwide, primarily through distance learning. As the world opens after the pandemic, in-person activities will resume.


There are three primary goals:

  1. Exemplary education programs including degree - bachelor, masters, doctorate, certificates, seminars and continuing education.

  2. Scholarly research by faculty and students.

  3. Innovative community projects improving the human condition, diversity & inclusion / ensuring racial equality / justice for all, and sustainability of the planet.


Honoring diversity & connections, empowerment of students to envision and create their dreams and inspirations

Exploring Out of the Box!!!

Innovation & Leadership at AU

Akamai University is a leader in providing the premier quality mentored distance education, conducted by advanced methods of delivery including one-on-one instructor tutorial through electronic communication between students and faculty mentors. Programs at the graduate and undergraduate level address the three primary goals: address the health and well-being of individuals, families, organizations; promote racial equality and justice for all; and conduct innovative projects to improve the human condition and planetary health.

Empowerment Model of Education

As educators at Akamai University, we use instructional methods that empower our students to think beyond the confines of the classroom, building achievement and new learning fully engaged with their personal and professional lives.

We respect each student as a unique individual, academically and professionally. Freed from traditional residency requirements, our distance learning students are able to pursue advanced study in a personalized and self-paced manner while maintaining full time employment and family responsibilities.

​We honor the life pursuits of our students, providing opportunities to integrate professional activities within their programs. As a non-profit organization, Akamai has established the fairest tuition rates possible to provide access for students from across the global community with available scholarships for qualified students in need.​

Akamai University 2021 Revised Curriculum Health Renewal & Recovery - International Equality & Justice for All - Sustainability of the Planet Integrative Health College - Universal Equality College - Planetary Health College

On-line worldwide connections for dynamic learning and interaction

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